NTMF - A Savage Story of Survival

"Not Today Motherf@#!er" was the battle cry Kelly Herron screamed on a Sunday afternoon when she experienced every runner's biggest nightmare.  Four miles into her marathon training run, she stopped in a park bathroom, where she was brutally assaulted.

Using skills she recently learned in a self-defense class, she fought back and trapped her attacker inside the bathroom until police arrived. Her Instagram post (@run_kiwi_run) showing the frantic GPS lines tracking the assault went viral, attracting global attention.

Women around the world were inspired to learn self-defense and fight back - whether it be against assault or even against someone who is underestimating them. 


SeriousWaterfront (3).jpg


Make a statement without saying a word.  The GPS lines from Kelly's attack survival and her battle-cry heard around the world on this premium-quality NTMF official tee